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Let us Bring our authentic experience to power your cloud innovations and digital transformations

MultiCloud Professional Services

Cloud consulting partner with a team of certified experts who can Architect, Design, Deploy, Migrate, Secure, Integrate and Manage workloads & applications on AWS/Azure/Google cloud accelerating your journey to the cloud

API Management

Use our IBM API Connect v10 Solution to Install, Design, Implement and Deploy on Any Cloud/OpenShift/VMware/On-Premises

IBM Cloud Pak for Integration

Hybrid integration solution that provides an automated and closed-loop lifecycle across multiple styles of enterprise integration.

Use our IBM Cloud Pak for Integration Solution to Install, Design, Implement and Deploy IBM Cloud Integration capabilities  on Any Cloud/OpenShift/On-Premises.

Event Driven Architecture

We provide Event-Driven Architecture solutions that can contribute for improved flexibility, reliability, capability, and performance of cloud native applications

IBM App Connect Enterprise

IBM App Connect allows you to simply connect applications and data across all your business systems environments. It supports a wide range of integration styles from traditional SOA to modern event, API, and microservices-based, IBM App Connect provides a single integration tool for your entire business

Managed Services

We provide 24x7 managed support services in IBM Integration product suite including application and infrastructure monitoring


Application Integration Testing - Quality Engineering

We can provide your team with the necessary expertise and oversight to fix flaws in your module communication, with the goal to catch the errors early, reduce your costs, and lower your risks. Application integration testing verifies each module or unit individually, integration testing validates that all the units work well together


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IBM Cloud Pak for Integration Workshop Offerings
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ibm apic v10.png
API Connect v5 to v10 Migration Workshop Offerings
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