Application Integration Testing– Quality Engineering

We can provide your team with the necessary expertise and oversight to fix flaws in your module communication, with the goal to catch the errors early, reduce your costs, and lower your risks. Application integration testing verifies each module or unit individually, integration testing validates that all the units work well together

The testing can cover business logic, sequencing, exception handling, and process decomposition (including service and process reuse) that spans multiple systems.

Abstract Futuristic Background


Our Solution overview

  • RAPID API Testing through Automation

  • Continuous Testing with DevOps integration

  • A new execution environment can be defined using testing tools POSTMAN/SOAP UI or customer preferred tools

  • and create new assets as required.

  • Test functionality can be Leverage existing test assets used to call different tests as children of the parent test.

  • All the end-to-end business processes along with all the paths can be validated, depending on risk-based approach. 

  • Different tests can be created for each path and include exception handling (negative testing) in an end-to-end business process.

  • All the tests that are created for a business process can be grouped into appropriate test suites.