Implement your Cognitive IoT solutions quickly and smartly using IBM Watson IoT Platform


Engagement Highlights

  • Discovery and planning

  • Whiteboarding of potential IoT Architectures and how it fits in the extended Bluemix universe & your own IoT infrastructure

  • Securely connect, control and manage your various sensors, Gateways & devices

  • Quickly build IoT applications that analyze data from the physical world

  • Deployment options for your IoT Environment

  • Managing , Monitoring and Analyzing various sensors, devices and Gateway traffic

  • Mentor and Train

Key Deliverables

  • Potential use cases for IoT ecosystem

  • Topologies for both prod and non prod in the cloud 

  • Configuration and Best practices document

  • Connect one Sensor/Devices/Gateways into IoT platform

  • Create one Node-RED flow for Alerting, messaging, backend connectivity and various Orchestration 

  • Learn how to successfully develop, utilize, manage and monitor your IoT environments

  • Node.js Client Libraries support

  • Team Enablement