IBM Cloud Pak for Integration

Use our IBM Cloud Pak for Integration Solution to Install, Design, Implement and Deploy IBM Cloud Integration capabilities  on Any Cloud/OpenShift/On-Premises

Abstract Futuristic Background


Our Solution overview

  • Installation of Red Hat OpenShift Container Platform on any cloud(IBM, AWS, GCP and Azure)/On-Premises

  • Installation of IBM Cloud Pak for Integration on any Cloud/ On-Premises both in HA and DR architecture

  • Discover and validate use cases and Identify key architecture decisions for ICP4I architecture

  • CP4I Architecture whiteboarding and provide technical blueprint including HA and DR Architecture

  • Flexible  Licensing Support(On-premises/Any Cloud)

  • Deployment & Implementation of integration & messaging capabilities running on IBM Cloud Pak for Integration(APIC, ACE, MQ, Event Streams, Event Endpoint Management, Aspera, Asset Repo & integration Tracing)